We have compassion for anyone who has had their disability claim denied. These people usually need the money to pay bills, support a family and take care of their medical needs. Unfortunately, it is quite common for the government to deny claims just because they can.

The vast majority of claimants receive a denial. Many just give up. They live in abject poverty, not knowing that if they had only come in for legal advice, things might had gone differently. We are here to help. The Anderson Law Group will not stop fighting until a client has exhausted all avenues. From initial administrative claims to final court appeals, we are here to offer solid disability legal representation.

Why People With Disabilities Need Legal Representation

Disability claims can be quite complex. The rules change all the time. The forms are confusing. One mistake can mean having to begin the entire process anew. Disabled persons can wait years to get their money as a result.

We can help prevent the common mistakes that destroy a disability claim. Our team will help complete the paperwork to ensure that the authorities cannot dismiss the claim on a technicality.

The Anderson Law Group, serving Houston, TX and beyond, should be your first point of contact if you are disabled and want to get through the claims process as smoothly as possible.